About Us

Started by the chef herself, Maria’s Restaurant has become a collective with one singular goal: to get people cooking!

We aim to introduce the culinary world to everyone, with a diverse portfolio of recipes for every skill level. It can be daunting to get into cooking. Maria was fortunate enough to have a family who cooked together every Sunday night. These food and love filled nights helped teach her the ropes to create mouth-watering food at home.

Whilst not everyone may have had to opportunity to learn from a young age, we want to let everyone know that it is never too late to learn! 

In fact, your mouth will thank you for the first time that you take a bite of a sizzling home-cooked meal. 

We have expanded our range of available recipes to include even more gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. 

Additionally, we will be expanding to include workshops on cookware, cooking methods and other goodies to help you become a wizard in the kitchen. 

Maria’s Restaurant is committed to sharing the love, one-bitesized knowledge at a time.