Maria’s Restaurant

Sharing Bite-size Pieces of Love

In a small coastal region of Southern Italy, Maria grew up learning how to make authentic food from her mother. This would spawn into a lifelong passion for the culinary world.

Notorious for her talent and passion, Maria’s food is sought-after and praised by many for its creativity and delicious flavour profiles.

Even with her rising popularity, the memory of sun-filled Sunday afternoons cooking with her family stayed with her.

In 2022, Maria began her cooking blog aptly named ‘Maria’s Restaurant’. The goal of this blog was to share the experience of cooking with as many people possible. After all, food is a universal language.

With each post, Maria dishes out years of experience (and family memories) of cooking for the internet to behold. From authentic Italian sauces, to the best grilled sandwiches, there are recipes for everyone to enjoy (as long as they are happy with all of the cheese!).

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions for Maria? Look no further. Before you delve into the recipes, get some insight into the head of our leading online chef.

what is your culinary inspiration?

I have a soft spot for authentic Italian cuisine, so I draw a lot of inspiration from the rich flavour profiles you find there.

what would be your guilty pleasure food?

There’s no such thing as guilt when eating ! Okay, to be honest, I think all food deserves the same level of respect. As long as it is made with love, I am all for it. But… I do enjoy ketchup on ice cream. Don’t judge me.

is there any dish you refuse to cook?

It would be pretty hypocritical of me to refuse to cook anything after my previous confession of happily slathering tomato over dairy… However, I have never been able to enjoy eggplant. I wish I could say I’m allergic, but I just simply can’t stand the taste. If you’re questioning how, don’t worry, my family asks me the same question weekly.

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